Welcome aboard !!!

Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche
Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche
Welcome to our Learning Adventures Lepervanche.net website in WordPress.com. We are moving our previous website to this blog website. During this transition time, you will be able to access our previous website here.

about our website

Our web sites have been our learning laboratory for many years. Our first web adventures site was published on 1996.

The main objective of our web sites is to provide a portal for all courses, seminars, and learning resources for our students, family, and friends. The portal includes current learning topics, news and access to our current courses. Because our learning adventures go beyond our on-campus and online classrooms, the portal also have links to our e-families, scouting, drawings, and other professional and personal activities that enhance a learning experience. Learning is a continuous adventure.

We try to keep this one very simple based on basic design and easy navigation schemes. Most of the suggestions from our web development students and friends have been used. The latest changes were implemented to help our students and to simplify their learning experience.

This website is always under construction and feedback is always welcome as part of our learning adventures.

Welcome aboard, set the sails and enjoy this learning journey!!!

Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche.net


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