Behind the numbers: Analyzing the 2013 Eagle Scout class

We need more Scouts…”great leaders, great husbands and fathers, and great Americans”

Bryan on Scouting

Anyone who attended an Eagle Scout court of honor last year knows 2013 was a great year for Eagle Scouts.

The same is true when you step back to look at the nationwide picture of young men who became Eagle Scouts in 2013. And today I learned exactly how many earned Scouting’s highest honor last year.

That magic number: 56,841.

That’s the second-highest number of Eagle Scouts in a single year in the 101-year history of the award. It’s bettered only by 2012’s total of 57,976, set during the 100th anniversary of the Eagle Scout award. You may remember that Scouts who earned the rank in 2012 got a special badge.

The 56,841 number is impressive, but it’s even more striking when you realize what it means. It means 56,841 young men are now prepared to become great leaders, great husbands and fathers, and great Americans because they…

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Author: joselepervanche

Professor of Management & Information Technology

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