8 photography tips for anyone with a camera (or a camera phone)

Remember that the whole reason you’re capturing photos is so that you can express your own unique perspective. It can be very rewarding to show your images to people. Get feedback from friends, show your teachers and parents. I like to post my images on Instagram because it fascinates me to see how many likes a photo will get and whether people leave nice comments on my photo. Getting feedback like this can help you understand what makes an image more successful or powerful. The feedback isn’t always going to be nice, but that’s okay. These are your photos and they communicate your perspective. There’s no wrong way to do photography.

Emily Pidgeon manages TED’s Instagram account (@TED). To see her photography, follow Emily here: @holidayhaus. >>

Source: blog.ed.ted.com

Instagram is an easy way to keep the memories & share them via Twitter and Facebook. Follow @drlepervanche, @scoutmasterjose, @tedxfscj, @outdoorsuniversity

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Author: joselepervanche

Professor of Management & Information Technology

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