North Florida Council Camporee 2016. An Adventure Camporee

13227028_1031191506934476_2502382566506239719_nThis past weekend we all had an amazing North Florida Council “Adventure Camporee”. The faces, smiles, and lifelong experiences are going to stay forever. Pictures and videos just show a small sample of a weekend filled with high adventures created by you in our backyard.

I want to personally thank you and your Scouts for collaborating with other North Florida Council volunteers and staff. Your efforts produced the Scouting experience that we all aim for. Our NFC mission is to “deliver the highest quality, values-based youth program” and you all planned and executed very well. I still remember the double storms and long walks of 2011 Council Camporee and I can measure the progress in providing a high level “Adventure Camporee”. Let’s do it again!

I want to thank all the troops and Venturing crews who attended this amazing Council Camporee. Our boys and girls will always remember this camporee. I still remember like yesterday my first Adventures Camporee back in the 60s. We built and climbed a huge tower and crossed a river in a platform and “zip line” and then crossed the river again in a monkey bridge.

I am proud to be a North Floridian Scouter and happy to be part of your team. God bless you in all your personal, professional, and Scouting activities.

Let’s continue together our Scouting Adventures in North Florida and beyond!

Again, thanks a lot! Muchas gracias!

Yours in the Worldwide Brotherhood of Scouting,


Jose G. Lepervanche | NFC VP of Program
BSA North Florida Council
@ScoutmasterJose ‪#‎NFCScouting‬

“It is the mission of the North Florida Council of the Boy Scouts of America to deliver the highest quality, values-based youth program of character development and leadership training, based upon the precepts embodied in the Scout Oath and Law, and to prepare our young people to make moral decisions in order to reach their full potential and to better serve their family, community and country.”

See North Florida Council photos via Instagram @ScoutmasterJose

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