#OverTheEdge in downtown Jacksonville, Florida


We are looking for Edgers to join us on November 18, 2016 to go “Over the Edge” of the Omni Hotel in downtown Jacksonville.

 Would you be willing to help encourage others to join us?  The information is below and our web site has everything you need to know at www.overtheedge-nfc.com.  It’s easy to sign up and get started now. 

Fundraising to meet the minimum of $1,000 can be accomplished in less than 2-3 weeks.  I will be happy to show anyone how and will walk them through it!

We could really use your help to get the word out about this event and encourage at least 1 to 2 folks to sign up today! 

Thanks so much for all that you do!

Are you a fan of adventure?

Do you live for the next adrenaline rush?

If so then Become An EDGER!

In partnership with Over the Edge USA and the Omni Jacksonville Hotel, the Boy Scouts of America is hosting a rappelling event on November 17 & 18, 2016.  Participants will rappel 19 stories from the beautiful Omni Jacksonville Hotel, overlooking the St. John’s River.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Be one of a select few who will rappel from this 19 story building, space is limited to only 80 rappellers, so register today before we reach our limit.

Imagine yourself being one of the few special participants who will earn the opportunity to go Over the Edge by raising $1,000 or becoming a corporate sponsor. The amazing views from the top and the exhilarating experience of going Over the Edge can only be matched by the important role you will play in helping raise funds for one of America’s oldest youth organizations, the Boy Scouts of America.

Once you have started your descent, friends, family and co-workers can cheer from down below as they wait for you to reach the Drop Zone.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

P.S.-  Check out the web site to learn how the event works.  It’s easy to sign up and great care is taken to insure your absolute safety and fun!  Jack Sears, North Florida Council’s Scout Executive has participated and rappelled down Jacksonville Office buildings now for 5 years.  Call him to learn more.

P.S.S.- To make a donation to his page- please visit http://www.overtheedge-nfc.com/edgers/jack-sears/


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