Is the Force Strong With Your Troop?

My take out. #ScoutingMarketing ==> “You may know that next month’s campout is going to be the best ever or that next summer’s Philmont expedition will be the experience of a lifetime, but do your Scouts know? Are you using every tool at your disposal to advertise troop activities and motivate Scouts to participate (including posters, videos, testimonials, Facebook groups, etc.)? And are you using the same tools to market your troop to potential new members?”

Mark Ray | Writer


A couple of years ago, Walt Disney Pictures rolled out its first film in the Star Wars series, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The movie would undoubtedly done well at the box office, but Disney didn’t take any chances. Instead, it spent an estimated $175 million on an elaborate marketing plan that lasted three years.

That plan included all the standard tools in the marketing toolbox—and many more:

  • It focused on meeting current fans where they were (by having a presence at events like Comic-Con).
  • It capitalized on nostalgia (with trailer appearances by Han Solo, R2D2, and Chewbacca) and on reaching new fans (through tie-ins with makers of toys and breakfast cereals).
  • It prompted its marketing partners to advertise the movie. (For example, Target stores turned their entrances into spaceship doors, and All Nippon Airways wrapped three of its jets in Star Wars graphics.)
  • It made extensive use of social…

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Professor of Management & Information Technology

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