Jamboree, VIP Speeches, and Scouts

The bottom line of Scouting: use Scout Method for individual and patrol (team) progress, enjoy outdoors activities, follow your Law and Oath (Promise), have great memories, and make global friends.
#JamboreeScouts have to wait hours sitting under the sun for VIP speakers. Enjoy the moment, extract useful advice from Prime Ministers, Crown Princes or Presidents and forget politics, learn Scouts songs from a King, “work smart and hard” as Mike Rowe told us during #2013Jambo, and enjoy the concerts. At the end, shows are only short hours of speeches and songs. The best parts are many days filled with unique activities, merit badges, patches trading, and life-long memories.
Our #Scouting experiences are better if we remember that “A Scout is Kind”. The sun also has dark spots but we enjoy the shining part. Let’s continue our sunny Scouting Adventures.

Mark Ray | Writer

I’ve worked with young people my whole adult life, both in Scouting and in church, so I’m very good at keeping my political opinions to myself—and certainly off social media. As I said in a blog post several years ago, “You’ll never see me post anything online that wouldn’t be appropriate for the youngest Scout to read, and if you want to know about my political leanings or adult-beverage preferences, you’ll have to ask.”

That said, I’ve had enough people ask me about President Trump’s speech at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree that I feel compelled to say something. Or a few things actually.

My first thought is that Mr. Trump’s political comments were absolutely inappropriate—just as political comments from a Democratic president would have been in this setting. The Boy Scouts of America is, by its very nature, an apolitical organization, founded to “to promote, through organization, and…

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