Clean water, bright future: How a single project benefits thousands in South Sudan / Messengers Of Peace / #ScoutsSouthSudan / #SDG6

#WhyScouting #Scouts4SDGs #GLOBE4SDGs #GlobalScouts. Why we support Scouting and share these videos in our college and university courses. #GlobalManagement and #GlobalLearning include local initiatives to solve local issues. Global leaders are formed when they serve their communities. #DrLepervancheCamus ==> Did you know that in South Sudan only 2 out of 10 people have access to clean water and basic sanitation?Watch how with a single Scout project, Patrick is providing safe drinking water and improving the health and education of thousands in South Sudan. #SDG6 Clean Water and Sanitation #DrLepervancheCampus

How are your local community and business leaders working to support lack of clean water in their communities or abroad? What strategies or technologies are they using? How these actions are supporting one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals? Share your findings and add links or video links.

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