World Sea Scouts in 30 Days Challenge

Scouts are being secluded at homes due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Many initiatives have been suggested and implement to keep Scouts busy at home. This is one of our proposals to know more about Sea Scouts in USA and other countries. World Sea Scouting online initiatives are a cool way to motivate Sea Scouts to be prepared when we can go back to our water activities.

Here is #WorldSeaScoutingIn30Days challenge:

  1. Pick a logo each day and search about it.
  2. Learn about Sea Scouts activities related to each logo.
  3. Connect with Sea Scouts, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, etc. around the world.4. Share logo and links on Social Media with #SeaScoutingAtHome and #WorldSeaScoutingIn30Days
  4. Follow all public health regulations and Scout Law. A Scout is Kind and Friendly.More Sea Scouting Online Challenges coming soon. #SeaScoutingAdventures

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