Hybrid Sea Scouts Activities 2021. Improving Program Quality During Pandemic Times.

Our TAC Sea Scouts activities started during the pandemic in 2020. However we anticipated the use of virtual meetings to support Sea Scouts in different countries in the same way we did in NFC to virtually meet as out Ships were in different counties and cities. We started using Zoom in 2018. This is our hybrid Sea Scouts activities model:

1. We started with online meetings with a lot of organization and structure to include an annual planning meeting, a structured Ship and Council Quarterdecks, landship ceremonies, planned trainings and advancement opportunities, interactive games, and songs. We also supported online meetings by adding plenty of resources such as Google classrooms, website, mapping activities, sustainability challenge, and contacts with local scouts, and aquatics activities.

2. We encouraged the planning of periodic local outdoors activities such as fishing, kayaking, sailing, hiking, and camping, individually, with family, friends until we assessed that it was time to organize local Ship 802 Crews. Dubai Ship Crew and Stuttgart Ship Crew were the first ones to start using this “patrol” method.” We assembled the rest in a “World” Ship Crew to give them a sense of identity.

3. We always plan large group outdoors activities where our TAC Sea Scouts can travel and to activities together. We planned for 2021 Camp Avantura that was cancelled and some of us did Summer Water Adventures in Valencia, Spain. We are now planning to go in Winter to Kandersteg, attend Normandy Camporee, do a Tall Ship Cruise, and do summer water activities or be staff during Camp Avantura.

Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia #CommodoreJose

#TACSeaScouts #SeaScouts #DrJoseWhiteBoards

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