TAC Sustainability Challenge 2022 Whiteboard. #SustainabilityScouting #SustainabilityAwareness

TAC Sustainability Challenge 2022 Whiteboard. #SustainabilityScouting #SustainabilityAwareness #TACSustainabilityChallenge #DrJoseWhiteBoards

TAC Sustainability Challenge 2022 Whiteboard animated video explains challenge requirements for Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Sea Scouts, Venturers, and Explorers in less than 5 minutes.

Each level can be earned by any youth or adult, in or beyond TAC. Cubs are encouraged to complete Blue. Scouts and adults are encouraged to complete Blue and Green.

Definitions and resources are in the Sustainability Challenge Resource Guide and on the TAC website, both at https://tac-bsa.org/sustainability.

You can order a limited-edition patch for each level, when you log your accomplishments in the TAC Sustainability records. You choose how long (duration) and how much (amount) to do each action, unless specified.

The more you do, the more you will improve your impact upon the planet! Take the TAC Sustainability Challenge 2022. We challenge you, your unit, and your families and friends to take the TAC Sustainability Challenge 2022, and join the movement to improve human impacts upon the planet.

To change the world and ensure that a healthy planet is there for the next generations, we need two things: Education & Action. In order for us to measure the action created by the Sustainability Challenge and the impact it has on improving Sustainability around the world, we need to know what you did!

Don’t belong to Boy Scouts of America? Or TAC? No problem! Take the Challenge and share it with your friends and family! All Scouts, Guides, humans, and others are invited to take the Sustainability Challenge! Together we can ensure the future of our planet for the generations to come!

Visit our TAC website: https://tac-bsa.org/sustainability

Use the individual drawings for each one of the Blue Level requirements as needed to explain Blue or Green Level requirements in detail. Visit https://josetoons.wordpress.com and search for the specific Blue Level drawing. TAC Sustainability Challenge 2022 logo and TAC website. https://josetoons.wordpress.com/2022/…

Blue Level

1. Energy: Reduce the greenhouse gas impact of your home energy or transportation. 2. Food: Reduce the greenhouse gas impact of your diet. 3. Food: Reduce the food miles in your family’s meals. 4. Waste: Reduce your food waste. 5. Waste: Reduce your use of single-use plastics. 6. Waste: Increase your family’s recycling of recyclable materials under local rules. 7. Biodiversity: Learn what the biodiversity crisis is, why it is happening, and why it matters. 8. Service: Take part in a sustainability-related service project (at least 2 hours). 9. Service: Start an activity related to one of the UN / World Scouting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 10. Education: Watch a documentary, read a book or report, or listen to a podcast about a sustainability topic. 11. Advocacy: Explain to someone outside of your immediate family what you are doing to improve human impacts upon the planet, and why. 12. Advocacy: Log all accomplishments in the TAC Sustainability records.

Green Level

Complete Blue level. Also complete 10 of the Green Level actions, different from what you did at Blue level, including at least one per category.

Be part of our #SustainabilityScouting movement. Sustainability Scouting Adventures. Resources for Scouts. https://scoutmasterjose.wordpress.com… Sustainability Sea Scouting Adventures. Resources for Sea Scouts.

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Produced by Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche Valencia #CommodoreJose

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