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Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche currently works as Professor of Supervision and Management at Florida State College at Jacksonville. Previously, he was Area Chair, IS&T Faculty Training at the University of Phoenix – North Florida Campus. He also teaches IS&T and eBusiness courses online in graduate and undergraduate programs.

His courses are: Management Theory and Practice, Strategic Management,  Management of Information Systems, and the Capstone Project in Supervision and Management. His past courses were: Object Oriented Programming (Visual Basic.NET), Web Development (XHTML, ASP.NET), Environmental Science, Strategic Management and IT Project Management. He also has facilitated courses and workshops in Public Presentations (Public Speaking and MS PowerPoint), Technical Communications, Critical Thinking, Technology Investments, Computer Graphics (PhotoShop, Image Ready), Introduction to Internet (History, Search Engines, Web hosting, Web marketing and e-commerce), MS FrontPage and MS Office. He has been online trainer and publisher, internet consultant, bilingual trainer (English and Spanish) and director of several Internet projects and services in the US and Latin America. He was Education Coach of AIU – Fort Lauderdale and he was responsible for Faculty Development.

Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche

Since 1989, He has been interested in the use of the Internet and interactive multimedia for online learning and teaching, investment, entertainment, publishing, internet security and decision analysis. He finished his PhD in Organization & Management with specialization in Information Technology Management at Capella University (www.capella.edu). He has been pioneer in several online initiatives and he believes in the growing trend of online education. His current research interest is about  using information systems and the web to improve e-family decision making. His dissertation topic was about usefulness of News Networks web sites as decision making information resources.

Dr. Jose is a retired Lieutenant Commander from the Venezuelan Navy and he has a Nuclear Engineer degree (Risk, Information and Decision Analysis) and a M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His undergraduate degree from the Venezuelan Naval Academy (First of the Class) is a Lic. in Naval Sciences (focused on Electronics). He also was Honor Graduate of the International Electronic Warfare Course at the US Navy Atlantic Fleet Combat Training Center in Virginia.

As owner of Promarine Promotions, he was very active in the promotion and sales of online services and interactive multimedia, with emphasis in the marine and coastal areas. He published a Guide of Marine Events and he has planned and organized training seminars, multimedia presentations and websites related to public speaking, e-commerce, web advertising, energy, outdoors and the environment (Infoleadership & Lepervanche Learning).

Dr. Lepervanche has previously been Director of International Operations of ITINET Online Services and DELPHI in Spanish where he was responsible for the planning, operations, training and marketing of Internet and online services in Latin America and to Hispanics in the US. He also directed the project that introduced the first commercial online service in Venezuela. Before retiring from the Venezuelan Navy, he served aboard frigates in Electronics, Communications, and Electronic Warfare. He was Director of the only nuclear research reactor in Venezuela where he was responsible for training and management of energy, environmental and information systems projects.

Jose is a sailboat Captain, life adventurer, traveler, coastal explorer and beachcomber. He extensively uses sea metaphors, humor and analogies in speeches, courses, seminars and publications. He is a Bilingual (English and Spanish) Public Speaker, Distinguished Toastmaster & Advanced Leader from Toastmasters International where he has won several humorous speeches. He is an amateur caricaturist and event cartoonist. He publishes his Eventoons at www.josetoons.com.  He did a series of inspirational drawings related to the 9-11 events.

Because he believes that life is a continuous learning adventure, he enjoys every day of his life with his wife Flor, who is also a retired Lieutenant Commander from the Venezuelan Navy. They worked together, retired and got married. At home, he is the Captain but she is the Admiral. He also has more adventures with their four children, three of them live in Miami and the youngest is an Eagle Scout and an university freshman. Jose is an old Scout leader and he has shared the values of Scouting with his children and their friends. He has been Scoutmaster of Troop 182 in Jacksonville since 2006 and he was selected one of the 43 2009 National Distinguished Scoutmasters.

Trying to guide his life sailboat to more spiritual levels and to help his family and others, Flor and Jose give seminars about family and marriage to other couples at  local churches and community organizations. See their Family Leaders Online Resources weblog (www.familyleaders.org).

Teaching Philosophy

The Jose Way is my particular navigation guide to conduct all my courses. As professor my objective is to guide my students and prepare them academically, professionally and personally to be leaders in their fields. Teaching is not a job. Teaching is an adventure where I can transform the lives of my students. I guide them with passion in a dynamic environment because I want to share with them, the talents and knowledge that I have the privilege to receive. Now is my time to keep the flow and help to educate the next generation. I motivate and inspire my students to take care of the helm of their own ships. My navigation guide is organized in four stages: Getting underway, Cruising, Storms, and Getting into port. Every course is a new journey to share our knowledge with our students and to enhance their learning experience. I give to them the best of my technical, business, and personal experience in Management, Information Technology and other fields. The more I give, the more I receive. At the same time, I motivate and inspire them to integrate these knowledge and skills to others disciplines such as spiritual, financial and cultural topics to have an integral knowledge and be in a leadership position to influence their workplaces, families, and communities. This is my teaching philosophy: The Jose Way.

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    You were very inspirational tonight at the Capella colloquium. I am currently a Scout Master for a small group of boys in Idaho and I appreciate your comments and insight. I am also teaching courses in business and entrepreneurial management at BYU and I would like to keep in contact with you if at all possible.

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