Help Scouts of Mexico with earthquake relief efforts | #ScoutAid #ScoutsMexico

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On 19th September 2017, a major earthquake killed hundreds of people and caused catastrophic damages in Mexico City and the surroundings. 
Scouts of Mexico took immediate actions to assist the population, turning their headquarter into a collection and operation centre, delivering food and drinks to rescuers, assisting with clearing rubble and encouraging blood donation.

 Considering the magnitude of the damages, relief and recovery efforts will take time and will necessitate significant resources to help the Scouts continue their support to the population and live their ideal of being always ready to serve. Your donation will support their operations in the field allowing Scouts to assist in the ongoing rescue and relief efforts.

Source: Help Scouts of Mexico with earthquake relief efforts


USA-Mexico Cross-Border Scouting Patch – International Scouting Committee


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Source: USA-Mexico Cross-Border Scouting Patch – International Scouting Committee

Why is Scouting important? Less than a minute videos. #InstaScoutInterview

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During XXVI International Scout Conference in Houston Texas, Scouters from most Interamerican Scout Region countries were interviewed about the importance of Scouting. All videos are less than a minute as we were using Instagram Story that limit the videos to 15 seconds. Other videos were uploaded to Instagram with a limit of 60 seconds. Watch all videos via Search #InstaScoutInterview and #InstaScoutStory.

You can also see short videos about 2017 JamCam, 2017 MOOT, and 2019 World Scout Jamboree. Candidates for 2023 World Scout Jamboree from Poland and South Korea also did their short videos. Instagram Story feature was also used to initiate theses videos. Search hashtag #InstaScoutInterview displayed the #TopPosts.

#Scoutoons idea came from the #TopPosts screen in Instagram and the branding of IAR70, IASC2016 and #MessengersOfPeace in our #2015WSJ belt. #TopPosts are: #ScoutsHonduras Lecheton, #ScoutsVenezuela #YouthForum, Joao Goncalves, #WOSM Committee Chairperson, #Vision2023, #VenturingNationalPresident, #BadenPowell, #ScoutsSouthKorea #2023WSJ, #2019WSJ #ScoutsCanada #ScoutsUSA #ScoutsMexico, #ScoutsArgentina #ScoutsUruguay, and Fr. Jacques. This is a sample that represents more than 60 short videos done in 4 days of #ScoutIAR conference. #HashtagLearning

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