Buzz TV | “Making a Difference” Alejandro Lepervanche, Medtronic | Mike White

Each week on Making a Difference, Mike White interviews community leaders from Jacksonville who are making a difference. This week Mike spoke to Alejandro Lepervanche, an Eagle Scout and software engineer who works for Medtronic. Alejandro joins us on Making a Difference this week to talk about why scouting is important to our youth.

Buzz Tv – “Making a Difference” with Alejandro Lepervanche, Medtronic from Buzz Media Group – BUZZ TV on Vimeo.



Buzz TV | “Making a Difference” Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche, FSCJ | Mike White

Buzz TV – “Making a Difference” Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche, FSCJ from Buzz Media Group – BUZZ TV on Vimeo.


Each week on Making a Difference, Mike White interviews community leaders in Jacksonville. This week Mike spoke to Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche, a Scouter, from FSCJ.

Mike White launched Client Focused Media in 2002, the leading integrated marketing firm in Northeast Florida with extensive capabilities and experience providing strategic planning, marketing, creative, advertising, printing, branding, public relations and crisis communications services. He also serves as the Publisher of Jacksonville Buzz Magazine which reaches 150,000 readers each month and is the CEO of Bluhorn Solutions. Because of White’s commitment to provide the broadest range of integrated marketing services possible for CFM’s clients, he also founded an events production company as well as a promotional product company to support CFM’s cutting edge marketing campaigns and to yield measurable results for CFM clients at the most efficient rates.

Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche: “Scouting shaped me as a young sea scout in Venezuela to be a Navy Officer and a global citizen. As the son of a widow, my Sea Scout group activities and camping and leaders were the roles models who guided me as a person and as a professional. I was part of a worldwide movement that is still impacting me. I became Scouter in Venezuela and later in the USA. The values I learned and the role models I followed were fundamental to do the same. Leading by example is my commitment to Scouting as a person, professional, and professor. Scouting is the best outdoors experiential educational method to form the leaders of tomorrow.”

To contact Dr. Jose, shoot him an email at

UF Student Government leads citywide volunteer effort | Campus |

North Florida Eagle Scout in the News!

Eagle Scout and Immediate Past Echockotee Lodge Chief Zach Morris’s is the leader of the Big Event, a large-scale community service event held for the first time at UF.

At about 44 other locations, about 760 students worked for four hours around Gainesville as a part of The Big Event, a service event organized by UF’s Student Government. Although The Big Event is a nationwide program universities across the country take part in, Saturday marked the first time UF hosted its own, said Zachary Morris, The Big Event chairperson at UF.

Source: UF Student Government leads citywide volunteer effort | Campus |

Boy Scout enthusiast Andrew “Andy” Sabol: 1930-2016 | Jacksonville News, Sports and Entertainment |

Andy Sabol, Scoutmaster of Storytelling is sharing his Mohack Patrol stories with Baden-Powell and other great scouters of the past. Read article below. #NorthFloridaScouting

For 75 years, Andrew “Andy” Sabol retained his enthusiasm for the Boy Scouts.

Source: Boy Scout enthusiast Andrew “Andy” Sabol: 1930-2016 | Jacksonville News, Sports and Entertainment |

#OverTheEdge in downtown Jacksonville, Florida


We are looking for Edgers to join us on November 18, 2016 to go “Over the Edge” of the Omni Hotel in downtown Jacksonville.

 Would you be willing to help encourage others to join us?  The information is below and our web site has everything you need to know at  It’s easy to sign up and get started now. 

Fundraising to meet the minimum of $1,000 can be accomplished in less than 2-3 weeks.  I will be happy to show anyone how and will walk them through it!

We could really use your help to get the word out about this event and encourage at least 1 to 2 folks to sign up today! 

Thanks so much for all that you do!

Are you a fan of adventure?

Do you live for the next adrenaline rush?

If so then Become An EDGER!

In partnership with Over the Edge USA and the Omni Jacksonville Hotel, the Boy Scouts of America is hosting a rappelling event on November 17 & 18, 2016.  Participants will rappel 19 stories from the beautiful Omni Jacksonville Hotel, overlooking the St. John’s River.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Be one of a select few who will rappel from this 19 story building, space is limited to only 80 rappellers, so register today before we reach our limit.

Imagine yourself being one of the few special participants who will earn the opportunity to go Over the Edge by raising $1,000 or becoming a corporate sponsor. The amazing views from the top and the exhilarating experience of going Over the Edge can only be matched by the important role you will play in helping raise funds for one of America’s oldest youth organizations, the Boy Scouts of America.

Once you have started your descent, friends, family and co-workers can cheer from down below as they wait for you to reach the Drop Zone.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

P.S.-  Check out the web site to learn how the event works.  It’s easy to sign up and great care is taken to insure your absolute safety and fun!  Jack Sears, North Florida Council’s Scout Executive has participated and rappelled down Jacksonville Office buildings now for 5 years.  Call him to learn more.

P.S.S.- To make a donation to his page- please visit


Youth Leadership and the Personal Leadership System® with Dr. Jose Lepervanche

Combination of BSA National Youth Leadership Training content with Dr. Lepervanche’s Personal Leadership System®. Emphasis in beliefs, values, and priorities to craft a personal vision, personal SWOT analysis, SMART goals, and action plan. First of a new series of videos related to Personal Leadership.

North Florida Council Camporee 2016. An Adventure Camporee

13227028_1031191506934476_2502382566506239719_nThis past weekend we all had an amazing North Florida Council “Adventure Camporee”. The faces, smiles, and lifelong experiences are going to stay forever. Pictures and videos just show a small sample of a weekend filled with high adventures created by you in our backyard.

I want to personally thank you and your Scouts for collaborating with other North Florida Council volunteers and staff. Your efforts produced the Scouting experience that we all aim for. Our NFC mission is to “deliver the highest quality, values-based youth program” and you all planned and executed very well. I still remember the double storms and long walks of 2011 Council Camporee and I can measure the progress in providing a high level “Adventure Camporee”. Let’s do it again!

I want to thank all the troops and Venturing crews who attended this amazing Council Camporee. Our boys and girls will always remember this camporee. I still remember like yesterday my first Adventures Camporee back in the 60s. We built and climbed a huge tower and crossed a river in a platform and “zip line” and then crossed the river again in a monkey bridge.

I am proud to be a North Floridian Scouter and happy to be part of your team. God bless you in all your personal, professional, and Scouting activities.

Let’s continue together our Scouting Adventures in North Florida and beyond!

Again, thanks a lot! Muchas gracias!

Yours in the Worldwide Brotherhood of Scouting,


Jose G. Lepervanche | NFC VP of Program
BSA North Florida Council
@ScoutmasterJose ‪#‎NFCScouting‬

“It is the mission of the North Florida Council of the Boy Scouts of America to deliver the highest quality, values-based youth program of character development and leadership training, based upon the precepts embodied in the Scout Oath and Law, and to prepare our young people to make moral decisions in order to reach their full potential and to better serve their family, community and country.”

See North Florida Council photos via Instagram @ScoutmasterJose