Sea Scouts – 1941 Social Guidance / Educational Documentary

Sea Scouts – 1941 Social Guidance / Educational Documentary

A light-hearted look at the history of the Sea Scouts and the many skills its members can acquire.
‘The Sea Scouts carry on Britain’s seafaring tradition, and Captain Scott’s famous command ‘DISCOVERY’ is their training ship. In addition to Scout Law, they learn wireless telegraphy, navigation, swimming and life-saving, and the meaning of discipline, team work, resourcefulness. They thus become good scouts, good seamen and good citizens.’
(Films of Britain – British Council Film Department Catalogue – 1941)

This film has been made available for non-commercial research and educational purposes courtesy the British Council Film Collection.… .


How do you make your program special?: Flotsam Flotilla | #SeaScouts

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How do you make your program special?: Flotsam Flotilla | #SeaScoutsBlog


How do you have an event that not only makes Sea Scouting more exciting but also gains a greater creativity and sense of competition for scouts? The Sea Scouts in Texas have figured out a way. Every year, there is an annual competition for ships in Texas called Minto Rendezvous and one of the competition events is called Flotsam Flotilla.

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