Lepervanche Learning
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Our Philosophy 

Our objective is to guide our students and prepare them academically, professionally and personally to be leaders in their fields. Learning is an adventure where we can transform lives. We guide them with passion in a dynamic environment because we want to share the talents and knowledge that we have the privilege to receive. It is time to keep the flow and help to educate the next generation. We motivate and inspire students to take care of the helm of their own ships. We want to provide the beacon to provide lifelong lessons.

personal development professional development
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving
Public Speaking Workshops
faculty development college development
Classroom Management
Dynamic Presentations
College Peak Performance
Practical, hands-on methods of increasing performance inside and outside the classroom. It helps to make the connection between academic efforts and job and life skills. Students learn a variety of personal productivity skills related to positive work and study habits, as well as creative problem-solving, organizational, and interpersonal skills. See course content

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Lepervanche Learning - PageOut online courses


family development media education
Family Finances
Parenting School
Media Literacy
Movies in Experiencial Education
Lepervanche Learning
lifelong lessons & e-knowledge
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