Global Sea Scouts

Our Sea Scouting Adventures started years ago as Sea Scouts. After being Sea Scout as a youth and Scouter in Scouts Groups, Venturing Crews, BSA District and Council, it was time to go back as Sea Scouter. These are some of countries with Sea Scouts programs.

Global Sea Scouts Map

Sea Scouts Canada

Sea Scout from Canada were in 2016 and 2018 Blair Atholl International Scottish Jamborette.


Sea Scouts Gibraltar, UK

We found Sea Scouts Group RN101 during 2016 Blair Atholl International Scottish Jamborette. They became our friends and mentors to relaunch Sea Scouts in North Florida. We visited them in Gibraltar in summer 2017.

We have a new opportunity to see RN101 again during 2018 Blair Atholl Scottish Jamborette. This time we were part of BSA Sea Scouts Ship 283 “Poseidon”

Sea Scouts The Netherlands

Zeeverkenners Karel Doorman hosting 1st Cuddington (Warspite) Sea Scout Group in the Netherlands this week…..

Sea Scouts Scotland 

Sea Scouts Scotland were also attending 2018 Blair Atholl International Scottish Jamborette.

Sea Scouts USA – North Florida Sea Scouts

Sea Scouts Venezuela

Grupo Scouts Marinos “Argos” 29. 1968 Regional Patrols Camporee.

More Global Sea Scouts coming soon.

Sea Scouts Brasil

Sea Scouts New Zealand

Sea Scouts Portugal

Sea Scouts Malaysia

Sea Scouts South Africa