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Total Solar Eclipse 2017 – On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun. Anyone within the path of totality can see one of nature’s most awe inspiring sights – a total solar eclipse. This path, where the moon will completely cover the sun and the sun’s tenuous atmosphere – the corona – can be seen, will stretch from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. Observers outside this path will still see a partial solar eclipse where the moon covers part of the sun’s disk. NASA created this website to provide a guide to this amazing event. Here you will find activities, events, broadcasts, and resources from NASA and our partners across the nation.

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Making Scouting Accessible for Families. A Survey.

Making Scouting Accessible for Families

As an organization dedicated to serving youth, we’ve always aimed to bring Scouting to as many youth and families as possible.  Now, as life get busier and busier, we hear from families and Scouting leaders that there is also a need to help make Scouting more accessible.

For many families, accessibility means finding a way to serve the entire family – including the girls whose brothers and cousins we have sought to serve for years.

As an organization, we have conducted some research on this topic and have started elevating this conversation so we can determine the best path forward, including a recent focus on the topic at the 2017 National Annual Meeting, when Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh outlined what we know so far.

To move the conversation forward, it is important that we hear feedback from you and those that bring Scouting to life in communities.  Please watch the video below and then request a survey. Thank you in advance for your input!

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Scouting and the Sustainable Development Goals |

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 9.26.07 AM“The Scouts can be the organisation that can mobilise the largest number of young people towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Ahmad Alhendawi, Secretary General of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. ‘I hope that all Scouts and young people taking positive steps to create a positive impact in their communities recognise that they are contributing towards achieving the SDGs. I believe that they are helping to drive and hasten the progress as well!’

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Jamboree, VIP Speeches, and Scouts

The bottom line of Scouting: use Scout Method for individual and patrol (team) progress, enjoy outdoors activities, follow your Law and Oath (Promise), have great memories, and make global friends.
#JamboreeScouts have to wait hours sitting under the sun for VIP speakers. Enjoy the moment, extract useful advice from Prime Ministers, Crown Princes or Presidents and forget politics, learn Scouts songs from a King, “work smart and hard” as Mike Rowe told us during #2013Jambo, and enjoy the concerts. At the end, shows are only short hours of speeches and songs. The best parts are many days filled with unique activities, merit badges, patches trading, and life-long memories.
Our #Scouting experiences are better if we remember that “A Scout is Kind”. The sun also has dark spots but we enjoy the shining part. Let’s continue our sunny Scouting Adventures.

Mark Ray | Writer

I’ve worked with young people my whole adult life, both in Scouting and in church, so I’m very good at keeping my political opinions to myself—and certainly off social media. As I said in a blog post several years ago, “You’ll never see me post anything online that wouldn’t be appropriate for the youngest Scout to read, and if you want to know about my political leanings or adult-beverage preferences, you’ll have to ask.”

That said, I’ve had enough people ask me about President Trump’s speech at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree that I feel compelled to say something. Or a few things actually.

My first thought is that Mr. Trump’s political comments were absolutely inappropriate—just as political comments from a Democratic president would have been in this setting. The Boy Scouts of America is, by its very nature, an apolitical organization, founded to “to promote, through organization, and…

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#ScoutsVenezuela ==> Diego, un #Scout que defendió sus principios hasta la muerte. #MoreScouts #ZeroViolence

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 12.31.34 PM.png

#ScoutsVenezuela ==> Diego, un Scout que defendió sus principios hasta la muerte. El pasado 16 de mayo, en San Antonio de los Altos, Estado Miranda, Venezuela, Diego Fernando Arellano Figueredo, quien a sus 31 años de edad fue Scouter del Grupo Scout Cayaurima, murió durante una protesta contra el gobierno venezolano de un impacto de bala en el pecho. #MasScouts #CeroViolencia

#ScoutsVenezuela ==> Diego, a Scout who defended his principles to the death. On May 16, in San Antonio de los Altos, Miranda State, Venezuela, Diego Fernando Arellano Figueredo, who at 31 years of age was Scouter of the Scout Group Cayaurima, died during a protest against the Venezuelan government of a bullet on the chest. #MoreScouts #ZeroViolence

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Blair Atholl International Scottish Jamborette Lessons | Dr. Jose G. Lepervanche | @ScoutmasterJose

Lessons from 2016 Blair Atholl International Scottish Jamborette. Planning and implementation. Volunteers and Scotland national commitment to Scouting. Operations during Jamboree and complex transportation operation to hospitality program for international scouts with Scottish families of scouts. #GlobalScoutingAdventures Visit Blair Atholl Jamborette (official) for details.

Todd Scott: An intergalactic guide to using a defibrillator | TED Talk |

If Yoda goes into cardiac arrest, will you know what to do? Artist and first-aid enthusiast Todd Scott breaks down what you need to know about using an automated external defibrillator, or AED — in this galaxy and ones that are far, far away. Prepare to save the life of a Jedi, Chewbacca (he’ll need a quick shave first) or someone else in need with some helpful pointers.