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2013 07 North Florida scouts ready to hike to the Summit for 2013 Jamboree.


July 2013. Boy scouts from North Florida Council are packing their duffels to be ready to hike to the Summit for 2013 National Scout Jamboree. 

I believe in CPR/AED. Be prepared to save a life.

Video made for the Sudden Cardiac Foundation.

I BELIEVE in one God because I have faith. He saved my life after my sudden cardiac arrest during a summer camp. He kept me alive to share this message. I BELIEVE in one Lord, Jesus Christ, who was with me in intensive care when I was fighting for my life. I BELIEVE in the Holy Spirit, who gave strength to the Scout leaders who applied CPR on me for 45 minutes, and to the person who shocked me 5 times with the AED of the Boy Scouts Camp. I BELIEVE in the Holy Spirit, who gave calm to my wife who laid hands on me. She was praying there all the time. I BELIEVE in my Church, my children, my family, my friends, and my community who prayed for my healing.  Because I BELIEVE, I thank you all.

Bryan on Scouting

Get ready to dot-dot your I’s and dash your T’s.

Today, the Boy Scouts of America released the Morse Code Interpreter Strip, an official patch for Scouts and Scouters who can demonstrate their ability to “speak” this special language.

Morse Code joins languages like Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Sign Language, and several others as interpreter strips available for wear on Scout uniforms (above the right pocket).

To get a typical interpreter strip, you must carry on a five-minute conversation, translate a two-minute speech, write a letter in the language, and translate 200 words from the written word.

But Morse Code, a vital communications tool during World War II, doesn’t really work with those requirements. So Jim Wilson and the BSA team crafted new ones:

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