BSA Transatlantic Council Sea Scouts Timeline 2021 Update. #TACSeaScouts

2021 update of Sea Scouts timeline we started in 2019 in BSA Transatlantic Council. Chart mentions Sea Scouts Online platforms and initiatives to include Scouts BSA, Middle School students, and BSA Venturers. It also mentions youth and adults leadership training opportunities for Sea Scouts and Sea Scouters. In 2020 Ship 802 “Windborne” was chartered and we conducted “Transatlantic Seabadge 2020”. (5 min)

#TransatlanticSeaScouts #UnparalleledSeaScouting #SSS802 Subscribe to Scouting Adventures video channel.

We will integrate all of our Scouting videos there. #SeaScoutsScreencasts #SeaScoutsOnline #SeaScoutsOnlineCampus #SeaScoutingAdventures #SeaScoutingAtHome

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